2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black
2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black

2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat - Earth Black

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Unleash your inner yogi

This is it.

The yoga mat you’ve been looking for. The one that will take your practice to the next level. And make you feel good, inside and out.

Introducing our flagship 2E ‘Connected’ yoga mat, guaranteed to unleash your inner yogi. This unique non-slip yoga mat will allow you to push through each pose with confidence and text book technique. Not to mention the fact that our mat simply looks damn fine. And you know what that means, it means you’ll look damn fine on it too ;). Better still, it comes with a free cotton carry strap that also works perfectly as a stretching aid. So you can stretch deeper into your poses with the carry strap and then sling the mat over your shoulder when you’re done.

Inspired by the Aussie beach lifestyle and featuring all natural materials, this durable natural rubber and jute mat is non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Whether you’re new to yoga and want the best support to ‘find your feet’, or whether you’re a seasoned yogi looking to take your practice to new levels, this mat is the one for you.  

So why natural rubber and jute?

Good question.

These materials deliver the perfect balance of comfort, style and performance for a yoga mat. The jute fibres reinforce the natural rubber which provides better structure, strength and durability. Jute combines breathability with high tensile strength which gives our 2E 'Connected' yoga mat a natural high quality surface with excellent anti-slip properties. So no more sweaty palms during your downward facing dog!

The natural rubber and jute combination makes this yoga mat stand out from the crowd with its distinctive look and earthy feel. The really good news though, is that it’s completely PVC and plasticiser free, so you aren’t exposed to any nasty toxins during your workout.

What’s more, the natural tree rubber and jute fibres are sustainably and ethically sourced. And that’s important.

What else do you need to know about Second Earth yoga mats?

All our yoga mats are;

  • non-slip, durable and high performing
  • made entirely from sustainably sourced materials
  • manufactured under ethical work conditions
  • eco-friendly and biodegradable 
  • non-toxic - completely free of PVC, TPE, plasticisers, glues and binding agents
  • safe for children and pregnant women; and
  • come with a complimentary cotton carry strap that can also be used during yoga practice


  • Length: 175cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg

What gives our mats the edge?

When we started Second Earth we had one goal - To develop the best performing and most eco-friendly yoga mat available.  

So before we launched we spent over 12 months refining and testing every design feature of our mat to maximise performance and durability. We worked very closely with our manufacturing partner and played around with the ratios of natural rubber and jute as well as the pattern of the actual jute itself. Where we landed is the perfect combination to deliver maximum grip and outstanding overall performance and durability. Performance – TICK.

We also wanted to ensure that our mats would exceed all expectations when it came to sustainability. After a long search we found a manufacturing partner who ticked all the boxes. All the materials in our mats are ethically and sustainably sourced and 100% biodegradable. But what's really cool is that our mats are manufactured using a high tech patented process to combine the jute and natural rubber which means they contain no glues or binding agents. Awesome hey? Sustainability – TICK.

So there you have it. That’s why we claim to have the best non-slip eco yoga mat on the market.